Happy Monday!

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th9KXQ6UC4Oh, wait. It’s not Monday, it’s Tuesday. Well, happy Tuesday, then. I guess it just feels like Monday to me. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

So far, so good on following the weekly Chore List. I was able to check off nearly all of the Everyday chores and nearly all of the Monday chores yesterday. Winning! (Hey, if I’m not my own cheerleader in this, I’ll never hear cheers … it’s not like I have a pep club following me around encouraging me on. It’s more like I have an anti-pep club living in my brain telling me that I’m a housekeeping loser.)

Anyway, after being out of the habit of everyday upkeep, it took a bit longer to do some of the chores than it normally would. For example, making my bed involved more than just pulling up the covers and straightening the pillows. It involved completely making the bed over again because I’d been avoiding it for a while and I’m a restless sleeper so everything was untucked, etc. I have to fight with a natural tendency to think, “Why bother making the bed? It’s just going to get messy again when I go to bed tonight.”

But last night as I climbed into my nicely made bed, it felt so luxurious. Reminded me of being on vacation and the housekeeping staff at the hotel or cruise ship had done their magic during the day. Maybe I should’ve turned down the covers and left a chocolate on my pillow? The chocolate part sounds awesome, actually.

This morning when I got up, I just had to pull up the covers and straighten the pillows since I’d done all the major bed-making yesterday. I was able to come out of my bedroom, go right to my Chore List, and mark of “Make Bed” in the everyday section. There was something exciting and rewarding about checking off an item from my Chore List today before I’d even had coffee or fully opened my eyes.

Onward and upward.  🙂


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