Family Chores

One of the things I struggled with over the years of parenting was getting the housework done. I tried chore charts and rewards for the kids, but honestly, I wasn’t setting the greatest example for them, so those things always ended up feeling more than a little bit hypocritical.

Then I discovered if I made up chore lists of all the regular household chores and set about doing those things, myself, I could start encouraging the kiddos to work with me to get the chores done.

“Here, Sweetie, I’ll empty the dishwasher while you sweep the kitchen. Your brother can take out the trash. Don’t forget to check it off the list after you’re done!”

What had previously been a grind and a pain in the behind, suddenly became a new family teamwork experience. Spending about 20 minutes each day working through the Chore List together as a group got everything done quickly and more-or-less easy peasy. Plus there were a lot fewer housekeeping-related tears (from the kids and from the mom). 😉

I read recently regarding housekeeping, that you need to “make a plan, and then work the plan.” I’ve made the plan already … so feel free to work it in your home, if you find it helpful. 🙂

“Ooo. I love this! I keep my kids chores on the fridge in the same way, but never thought to do it for myself. How much cleaner and organized will my house be? Tons. Thank you for sharing!” – Tia G.

Onward and upward!

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