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Garage Sale Tips

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9e5dc-1408728352252Spring Cleaning – or even just a thorough decluttering of your house anytime of year – is a wonderful accomplishment. Everything is fresh and clean. Doesn’t it feel great? But what do you do with all those junky doo-dads (I mean “treasures”) rescued out of the closets and garage and now needing to find new homes? Making a few extra pennies by holding a Garage/Yard Sale could be just the ticket.

A number of years ago, I held a four day Garage Sale that was successful beyond my wildest dreams. I thought I’d share some of the ideas I used during my sale last year in case anyone else is thinking about holding a Garage Sale or Yard Sale. Continue reading

Garage Sale Addicts R Us

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My neighborhood’s official garage sale is this weekend. I keep thinking I’ll go meander and see if I can add more junk to my house.

But wait. Something’s wrong with this picture. 😉

So let’s see here … if I go garage sale-ing, I would take a break from decluttering my own house to go think about accumulating more clutter from someone else’s house?

Um.  No.

Time to use my drug refusal skills:  “Just say no.”