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Oopsie! Took a day off …

I had a busy day yesterday so I made the choice to not follow the Daily Chore List. At the end of the day, I looked around and could see the difference. Things weren’t bad, but they were definitely a step down from where they’d been throughout the week.

I took one day off and BOOM right back into needing to dig myself out a bit. How does that happen when I was hardly even home? Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I think I’ll laugh. A happier choice. 🙂

I realize now that if f I’d taken a quick ten minutes in the morning (made bed, made sure kitchen counter and sink were clean) and ten minutes in the evening (Ten Minute Tidy of main living areas), things would’ve pretty much been maintained at their previous level.

It was a definite lesson in how a little effort every day makes a big difference.

Onward and upward!

Week One, Done!

newscan189So, I finished my first week of using my weekly Chore Lists again. I’m sitting in a neat and tidy living room realizing that by just doing the daily chores, it’s made a big difference. One room at a time, I think I’m digging back out of the general messiness that had developed during the most recent season of life. For me, stress and depression can really effect my abilities to keep up on chores. And then the house gets messy and I feel even more down. Seeing a tidy living room is a great mood lifter.

Things I learned this week:

1) Make the bed as soon as I roll out of bed in the morning. That way, as I leave my room and walk into the kitchen, the first thing I do is mark off “Make bed” on the Chore List. Makes me feel accomplished in the morning before I’ve even had my coffee.

2) Sweeping the kitchen every day, rather than every few days, makes a big difference. I can’t eat off the floor, but it’s noticeably nicer to be in the kitchen.

3) If I don’t have time for a bigger chore, at this point I’m just putting it off until next week when it rolls around again. When I miss a chore, I don’t worry about it and know it’s coming back around soon.

4) Many of the chores are a bit time-consuming right now because I’m behind and things are worse than normal. Once I take the time to do the chore well, it’ll be easier next time it comes around in the rotation and will go much faster.

5) I realize how often I was forgetting to do things around the house. Just basic upkeep types of chores like emptying the dishwasher or wiping appliances. Now that those things are on the list, they’re getting done and I don’t have to rely on my memory.

6) Don’t worry if a chore is too big to tackle all in one day because it’s been skipped for so long. I set a timer (5 or 10 minutes) and worked on things until time’s up. The chore will come around again and I can work on it again for a few minutes. I can do anything for ten minutes, even nasty chores.

7) Music helps me move a bit faster and gets the chores done more quickly.

This past week was sort of my test run to see if the Chore Lists still work for me. I have to say the test was a success. I’m still behind in a lot of areas, but as the chores keep coming around, I’ll keep working on things. The house is noticeably tidier.

Onward and upward!

Family Chores

One of the things I struggled with over the years of parenting was getting the housework done. I tried chore charts and rewards for the kids, but honestly, I wasn’t setting the greatest example for them, so those things always ended up feeling more than a little bit hypocritical.

Then I discovered if I made up chore lists of all the regular household chores and set about doing those things, myself, I could start encouraging the kiddos to work with me to get the chores done. Continue reading

Spur-of-the-Moment Fun

DSCN6366Earlier this week, my next door neighbor’s son was celebrating his 11th birthday. They often include me in family celebrations, so I wasn’t too surprised when she showed up on my doorstep asking if she could leave the birthday cake at my house until they finished dinner, and then come over and share it with me.

I told her they were welcome to come over to my house and do the cake here. Long story short, she brought their pizza dinner, birthday cake, and entire family over to my house. It was fun to have a little spur-of-the-moment family party at my place.

If I hadn’t been keeping up on the housework using my Chore Lists, I wouldn’t have felt the freedom to invite them over. Instead of being embarrassed and apologetic, I was able to be welcoming and enjoyed the party.

Was my house perfect? No, not at all. Was it presentable and welcoming? Definitely.

Fun spur-of-the-moment activities. Another benefit of keeping up on things. 🙂



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broom-womanToday’s Chore List states that it’s time to clean the bathroom(s). This particular group of chores comes around each week on Thursdays in my chore rotation. The problem is that my bathroom is so cluttered at the moment, I wouldn’t be able to do the Thursday bathroom chores.

The list for today looks like this: Continue reading

Happy Monday!

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th9KXQ6UC4Oh, wait. It’s not Monday, it’s Tuesday. Well, happy Tuesday, then. I guess it just feels like Monday to me. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

So far, so good on following the weekly Chore List. I was able to check off nearly all of the Everyday chores and nearly all of the Monday chores yesterday. Winning! (Hey, if I’m not my own cheerleader in this, I’ll never hear cheers … it’s not like I have a pep club following me around encouraging me on. It’s more like I have an anti-pep club living in my brain telling me that I’m a housekeeping loser.) Continue reading

Day One, Week One

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ae03ecd672db9684615f63028d2f9694So I pulled out my Chore Lists and decided to start today with Monday of Week One.

I have to admit I feel accomplished, but it was a little overwhelming. Since I hadn’t cleaned the fridge or the kitchen cabinets for ages, it was more of a chore than I’d planned on. But I realized after I finished, next time it will be more a matter of wiping things down quickly and not the scrubbing chore it was today. Continue reading

Dishes and kitchen chores

dishwashing (2)A friend of mine and I both live alone. You’d think it’d be simple to keep up on dishes for just one person, but we both have found ourselves struggling with dirty dishes piling up in the sink and on the counter. I started paying attention to my actions in the kitchen, and I may have found the answer(s) to my dishes situation. Continue reading

My current inspiration …


Wish my cats did this!

Several people have told me that these posts I’ve been writing about my on-going struggle with my messy house have been inspiring. We all need inspriation, right? My inspiration started last month when I realized I wanted to try a new chicken recipe and share it at dinner with a friend of mine. But I realized I was too embarrassed to have her (one of my dearest friends) into my house for a strictly casual meal. She’s been so sweet about it, very encouraging. The other day she told me, “Just close the doors on the rooms you don’t want me to see. I promise I won’t snoop.” But how do I close the door on the living room or kitchen when my house is open concept? 😉 Anyway, my inspiration continues to be wanting to cook that chicken dinner. When I finally make it, I’ll share the recipe here if it turns out well.

I’m in the process of writing another post about how I figured out where to start, so perhaps that will be helpful for some people. I know I wasn’t sure where to start or what to do first. My focus is going to change this week, however, from inside the house to outside. I just got a notice from our property managers (I live in a nice 55+ mobile home park), and we need to have our lots looking spic-and-span by mid May for property inspections. So I switched my priorities. Yesterday I spent most of the day weedeating the long grass in the ditch behind my home, and then did some weeding by the house. Today I cleaned the carport (put things away, swept, hosed down everything, washed the car). And started weeding in another spot.

On Friday I’m hiring a girl to come help me with some of the things requiring bending or lifting that my hip won’t allow me to do. I’m fortunate in many ways that I have the time to dedicate to these projects (semi-early-retirement due to health issues). But I also need to be careful not to over-exert myself. It’s a careful balancing act some days.

My office is one of my upcoming projects. I really need to be able to get back in there to access supplies and materials. I keep having to buy new things because the things I already have are buried. A lot of it happened at the holidays when I just sort of used my office as a dumping ground for things that needed to be moved around for holiday displays. Then when the holidays were over, I was just too tired to deal with everything so I tossed the holiday stuff into my office, too. I’ve cleared a path so I can walk into the middle of the room now, but nothing’s useable. Maybe I should take a photo of the “before” and then again after I have my office back.

Do you think it would be helpful and/or inspiring for people to see what a mess it was (currently still is), and how with a little work you can get a lot done you when you focus on one thing at a time, a little bit at a time?

It helps me to know if it helps others when I share these sorts of things.


I’m back … I think. :)

I started posting housework themed posts on my Facebook page, and suddenly I found this blog coming back to life.  People have been reading the posts and pages, downloading and printing out the chore charts, and telling me how my openness about homemaking struggles are such an inspiration to them.

Wow.  And here I’d thought about shutting down this blog at the first of the year when I was making decisions about my online presence going forward.

I’m going to start posting my thoughts and experiences here, as well as my Facebook page, so you’re bound to be able to keep on things, one way or the other.

I recently started learning to watercolor, so now I have an additional thing I need to keep organized and clean:  art supplies!  I don’t have a dedicated spot for doing art, so it takes over my kitchen table.  Sometimes I feel as if I spend more time taking out and putting away my painting supplies than I do actually painting.  Suggestions welcome.  Ideally when I get my decluttering and cleaning caught up, I’m going to turn to the spare room into a art/craft/sewing room.  But that’s probably several months away.

Let me know if you’re out there reading this.  Just a quick comment to say hi would be awesome!  😀


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