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broom-womanToday’s Chore List states that it’s time to clean the bathroom(s). This particular group of chores comes around each week on Thursdays in my chore rotation. The problem is that my bathroom is so cluttered at the moment, I wouldn’t be able to do the Thursday bathroom chores.

The list for today looks like this: Continue reading

Start Where You’re At

chores_logoI’ve heard from people who’ve used my Weekly Chore Lists that they found that just starting on whatever day it is currently works fine. You don’t have to start on Monday. If you’re starting mid-week, just do what I would do …check off all those chores you missed earlier in the week. Mark them as done. Crossing off the earlier chores is a reminder to not go back to the top of the list and try to “catch up.” The gotta-catch-up mentality kills the whole process. Believe me, I know this from firsthand experience.

Also, several people have told me that they were facing a huge mess, but just started in doing the daily chores. In a couple of weeks, they found they’d actually made headway with the bulk of the mess and clutter without ever really having to focus on it too much. The daily chores took a bit longer when things were starting out from the messy phase, but once things started getting in order from regular upkeep, it went much faster.

Onward and upward.

Day One, Week One

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ae03ecd672db9684615f63028d2f9694So I pulled out my Chore Lists and decided to start today with Monday of Week One.

I have to admit I feel accomplished, but it was a little overwhelming. Since I hadn’t cleaned the fridge or the kitchen cabinets for ages, it was more of a chore than I’d planned on. But I realized after I finished, next time it will be more a matter of wiping things down quickly and not the scrubbing chore it was today. Continue reading

Garage Sale Tips

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9e5dc-1408728352252Spring Cleaning – or even just a thorough decluttering of your house anytime of year – is a wonderful accomplishment. Everything is fresh and clean. Doesn’t it feel great? But what do you do with all those junky doo-dads (I mean “treasures”) rescued out of the closets and garage and now needing to find new homes? Making a few extra pennies by holding a Garage/Yard Sale could be just the ticket.

A number of years ago, I held a four day Garage Sale that was successful beyond my wildest dreams. I thought I’d share some of the ideas I used during my sale last year in case anyone else is thinking about holding a Garage Sale or Yard Sale. Continue reading